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TAROX Bespoke: A unique solution, hand crafted to order. You dream it, we make it.

Since the late seventies the doors of TAROX have been open to customers far and wide, helping to solve their braking problems. In this time we have seen many wonderful vehicles, from true icons such as the Lamborghini Miura and Ferrari F40, to modern titans like the Nissan GT-R and the BMW M3, with many performance cars, classics and exotics in-between.

The TAROX Bespoke range is a unique service which has grown in popularity with the increase in sports sedans and sports cars’ use of a racing style brake systems and the decline in availability of parts for classic and rare models, chosen by drivers who seek higher levels of braking performance from their vehicle. 

The use of sliced rolled steel billets allow us to work without relying on the use of castings, enabling the recreation of any brake rotor, whether it is a small single piece rotor with a plain surface for a concourse Maserati, a two-piece hat-and-rotor replacement to shave some weight on a Corvette or a full floating arrangement for a track-built Audi TT RS. 40 years of braking experience ensures we will find a solution for your braking needs.

Key features of all TAROX Bespoke rotors are:

  • Heat treated and hand finished for the unmistakable TAROX finish
  • Flexible manufacturing allowing one-off orders of discontinued parts
  • Unique process of CNC machining from a single slice of steel billet
  • The highest quality treated steel ensures greater performance and longevity
  • Available for both high performance modern vehicles and classic cars 

    Once the rolled steel billet material has been machined to the required dimensions it is heat treated then cooled to unify the structure of the steel, improving strength and durability. This keeps the rotor more stable at extreme temperatures, massively reducing the susceptibility to warping, cracking, fade and knock off, while dramatically extending the life of, not just the rotor itself, but the pad too. The now-toughened rotor is then slotted and/or drilled as required and finally manually ground to a tolerance approaching 0.015mm creating a perfectly level surface to ensure that each rotor will run true, and to aid the bedding-in process. In the case of a two-piece arrangement, the billet rotor is then mated to a CNC machined, alloy hat which is hard anodized for protection from the elements.

    When finished, a pair of TAROX Bespoke rotors will have Ultimate Tensile Strength of 3200lbs per square inch; more than double the CEE standard of 1400lbs.

    If you have any questions about the Bespoke range, please feel free to contact a member of our team with your inquiry.