Alfa Romeo 4C 1750 Turbo | Bespoke Front Brake Rotors




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Images are for illustrative purposes only, actual product may vary. Please refer to Additional Information for specs. All applications have been compiled by Tarox, if you are unsure of fitment, please contact Tarox US before ordering.

The TAROX Bespoke range is a unique service which has grown in popularity with the increase in sports sedans and sports cars’ use of a racing style brake systems and the decline in availability of parts for classic and rare models. The use of sliced rolled steel billets allow us to work without relying on cast, enabling the recreation of any brake rotor, whether it is a small single piece rotor with a plain surface for a concours classic or a slotted two-piece replacement for something more performance oriented. 

Using steel billets as the foundation from which the manufacturing can begin does not only afford us manufacturing flexibility – the gains in performance are significant. When finished, a pair of TAROX Bespoke rotors will have Ultimate Tensile Strength of 3200lbs per square inch; more than double the CEE standard of 1400lbs. 40+ years of braking experience ensures we will find a solution for your braking needs.