BMW M3 (E30) | Rear Sport Kit



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Kit Description

The Sport brake kit is where it all began for TAROX brake kits. Most Sport kits feature our B32 6 piston caliper, the direct descendant of the 6 piston caliper developed for the first ever TAROX brake kit built for the BMW E30 M3 in 1994. TAROX founder Gianni Taroni's decision to ignore convention and develop a 6 piston caliper rather than 4, combined with the use of such high quality raw materials was a revolutionary step that affirmed TAROX as a pioneer of performance braking. Sport kits are the basis of our application guide with over of 1000 applications. They tend to feature either the B32 or B33 caliper, with rotor sizes typically between 300mm and 330mm. The two piece rotors feature heat treated billet steel rings and separate alloy center hats which results in an incredibly strong component with the lowest possible overall weight. The focus with any TAROX Sport kit is to ensure an increased level of performance under both street and track conditions with a firm, modulated brake pedal. As with all TAROX kits the Sport range integrates with all modern day driving assistants such as ECS, ABS and dynamic driving aids.

Each kit features;

  • Hand assembled calipers machined from the highest quality billet alloy.
  • Heat treated, CNC machined rotors in your choice of surface.
  • Brake pads in your choice of compound.
  • CNC machined alloy mounting brackets with hardware.
  • Braided & coated brake lines.

Position = Front
Caliper Model = BF30-6
Rotor Size = 305x20 mm
Rotor Construction = Single Piece
Rotor Type = Vented
No. of Lugs = 5
Suggested min. wheel size: 16"


Fits standard 16" OE M3 wheels

Pad Compound Specs
#Black-F2000-Strada #Black-SportJapan-Strada #Black-Zero-Strada #Red-F2000-Strada #Red-SportJapan-Strada #Red-Zero-Strada #Blue-F2000-Strada #Blue-SportJapan-Strada #Blue-Zero-Strada #Gold-F2000-Strada #Gold-SportJapan-Strada #Gold-Zero-Strada #Green-F2000-Strada #Green-SportJapan-Strada #Green-Zero-Strada #Silver-F2000-Strada #Silver-SportJapan-Strada #Silver-Zero-Strada

Strada Pads

Ideal for street use and everyday driving.

Strada work great from cold and provide immediate response, without pre-heating, while also offering a higher coefficient of friction for improved braking power, improved resistance to high temperatures and a longer service life than O.E materials. They provide an excellent pedal feel and allow full control over braking for the driver.

Strada has been specifically designed to work with our heat treated hand finished range of performance brake rotors.

Capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 1100°F, this pad has an optimum temperature range of 400°F to 650°F.

Coefficient of friction:
Cold 0.37μ
Hot 0.42μ

#Black-F2000-Corsa #Black-SportJapan-Corsa #Black-Zero-Corsa #Red-F2000-Corsa #Red-SportJapan-Corsa #Red-Zero-Corsa #Blue-F2000-Corsa #Blue-SportJapan-Corsa #Blue-Zero-Corsa #Gold-F2000-Corsa #Gold-SportJapan-Corsa #Gold-Zero-Corsa #Green-F2000-Corsa #Green-SportJapan-Corsa #Green-Zero-Corsa #Silver-F2000-Corsa #Silver-SportJapan-Corsa #Silver-Zero-Corsa

Corsa Pads

Recommended for applications when immediate, positive braking action is required without warming up. The high coefficient of friction (0.47) gives fantastic pedal feel and great initial bite. Corsa 114 is able to withstand temperatures of up to 1450°F and has an optimum temperature range of 400°F to 470°F

Coefficient of Friction:
Cold 0.47μ
Hot 0.49μ

#Black-F2000-Enduro #Black-SportJapan-Enduro #Black-Zero-Enduro #Red-F2000-Enduro #Red-SportJapan-Enduro #Red-Zero-Enduro #Blue-F2000-Enduro #Blue-SportJapan-Enduro #Blue-Zero-Enduro #Gold-F2000-Enduro #Gold-SportJapan-Enduro #Gold-Zero-Enduro #Green-F2000-Enduro #Green-SportJapan-Enduro #Green-Zero-Enduro #Silver-F2000-Enduro #Silver-SportJapan-Enduro #Silver-Zero-Enduro

Enduro Pads

Suitable for GT racing, touring car, Formula & rally events. The technical objective for Enduro 118 was to provide a high friction output, to improve pad and rotor life and to offer excellent modulation throughout the braking event. Greater modulation means that the risk of wheel lock is significantly reduced compared to other pads with the same high nominal friction coefficient. Enduro 118 achieves this without any loss of output and represents the ultimate all round pad compound.

Coefficient of Friction:
Hot = 0.50μ
Normal = 0.47μ

Rotor Specs
#Black-Strada-F2000 #Black-Corsa-F2000 #Black-Enduro-F2000 #Red-Strada-F2000 #Red-Corsa-F2000 #Red-Enduro-F2000 #Blue-Strada-F2000 #Blue-Corsa-F2000 #Blue-Enduro-F2000 #Gold-Strada-F2000 #Gold-Corsa-F2000 #Gold-Enduro-F2000 #Green-Strada-F2000 #Green-Corsa-F2000 #Green-Enduro-F2000 #Silver-Strada-F2000 #Silver-Corsa-F2000 #Silver-Enduro-F2000

F2000 Brake Rotors

The F2000 pattern evolved from a racing-specific rotor into our road range. With the big power increases of modern-day sport sedans and hot hatchbacks, combined with the increasing popularity of track days, there was a demand for a rotor which could cope with high operating temperatures and punishing conditions.

The F2000, first developed for use in touring cars approximately 20 years ago and often found in the TAROX range of big brake kits, has forged a reputation as the toughest performance aftermarket brake rotor available. We have even recently observed a number of high-end vehicle manufacturers offering rotors with a style very similar to our F2000 pattern on their range topping models.

Spiral slots are the perfect compromise of cooling and integrity: the F2000 will feature between 7 and 9. As with all TAROX rotors, the F2000 is manufactured using only the highest quality materials and features the unique TAROX heat treatment for strength and durability, final hand balancing for the smoothest finish ensuring perfect contact and a quick bedding-in process and finished with an anti-rust treatment.

#Black-Strada-SportJapan #Black-Corsa-SportJapan #Black-Enduro-SportJapan #Red-Strada-SportJapan #Red-Corsa-SportJapan #Red-Enduro-SportJapan #Blue-Strada-SportJapan #Blue-Corsa-SportJapan #Blue-Enduro-SportJapan #Gold-Strada-SportJapan #Gold-Corsa-SportJapan #Gold-Enduro-SportJapan #Green-Strada-SportJapan #Green-Corsa-SportJapan #Green-Enduro-SportJapan #Silver-Strada-SportJapan #Silver-Corsa-SportJapan #Silver-Enduro-SportJapan

Sport Japan Brake Rotors

As the name implies, the Sport Japan was originally designed for the Japanese market, where performance and tough looks are essential.

Sport Japan rotors are one of a decreasing number of aftermarket performance rotors to still feature fully-drilled holes, which is one of the most effective ways of venting hot gases from the brake surface. Although effective, this is an aggressive method of dissipating heat. To ensure ultimate performance and durability all Sport Japan rotors feature countersunk holes strategically placed so as not to affect the rotor's structural integrity. This method is much more effective than a dimple, as the gas actually leaves the rotor surface into the ventilation channels in the center and away from the surface, ensuring the rotor runs cooler for longer.

An additional 6 slots on the braking surface act like a wiper, keeping the brake pad from glazing and removing excess dust while providing additional cooling. All Sport Japan rotors are manufactured using only the highest quality materials and feature the unique TAROX heat treatment for strength and durability, final hand balancing for the smoothest finish ensuring perfect contact and a quick bedding-in process and finished with an anti-rust treatment.

Note: TAROX uses industry leading methods for producing our drilled rotors, however, the fact is that any drilled hole will increase the risk of a rotor suffering from cracking. If you plan to use an aggressive pad and/or plan to use your vehicle on track, we recommend that you opt for a non-drilled rotor, ideally F2000.

#Black-Strada-Zero #Black-Corsa-Zero #Black-Enduro-Zero #Red-Strada-Zero #Red-Corsa-Zero #Red-Enduro-Zero #Blue-Strada-Zero #Blue-Corsa-Zero #Blue-Enduro-Zero #Gold-Strada-Zero #Gold-Corsa-Zero #Gold-Enduro-Zero #Green-Strada-Zero #Green-Corsa-Zero #Green-Enduro-Zero #Silver-Strada-Zero #Silver-Corsa-Zero #Silver-Enduro-Zero

ZERO Brake Rotors

Although plain in appearance, TAROX ZERO rotors are far from a stock performing part. All ZERO rotors are made from specialized, high grade materials, submitted to several levels of heat treatment. An outstanding resistance to high temperatures combats warping and cracks. The final hand finishing leaves them incredibly smooth allowing them to mate to pads efficiently, increasing the life of both rotor and pad, and are completed with an anti-rust treatment.

The ZERO has proved highly successful in both circuit racing - where regulations do not allow modified brake systems - as well as group N competition.

Regular use in international Endurance racing saw the ZERO last up to twice as long as a regular plain rotor. Aesthetically, this is our recommended pattern for all classic car applications.

Technical Drawings

Wheel Clearance Template

Assembly Diagram