Toyota GR Supra 3.0 | Rear Brake Pads


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Street, Track or Race.

No matter what your requirements from a brake pad TAROX will have something to suit your needs, whether it is for hard track day use or a quality pad for your daily driver. TAROX pads are made from the highest quality materials developed to meet and exceed regulations.

Different compounds are available offering varying levels of performance and comfort. It is generally considered the higher performance the pad the less comfortable it will be for day to day driving conditions.

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Ideal for street use and everyday driving.

Strada work great from cold and provide immediate response, without pre-heating, while also offering a higher coefficient of friction for improved braking power, improved resistance to high temperatures and a longer service life than O.E materials. They provide an excellent pedal feel and allow full control over braking for the driver.

Strada has been specifically designed to work with our heat treated hand finished range of performance brake rotors.

Capable of withstanding temperatures of up to 1100°F, this pad has an optimum temperature range of 400°F to 650°F.

Coefficient of friction:
Cold 0.37 μ
Hot 0.42 μ



Recommended for applications when immediate, positive braking action is required without warming up. The high coefficient of friction (0.47) gives fantastic pedal feel and great initial bite. Corsa 114 is able to withstand temperatures of up to 1450°F and has an optimum temperature range of 400°F to 470°F

Coefficient of Friction:
Cold 0.47 μ
Hot 0.49 μ

Additional Information

Additional Information
Brake System: Stock
OE Number: 34206888835 (BMW)
Quantity: 4 Pads
Pad Shape Diagram: HERE